The CSI mission is to:
...provide organizations with excellent systems that help them meet strategic goals through the development of their workforce.
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CSI’s objectives are to:
1. To be easy to work with, providing the best customer service.
2. To provide the best resources (technology, training and consulting) to help organizations implement strategy through the development of their human resources.
3. To reestablish our position as the premier firm providing strategic development products and services to organizations.
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CSI has been in the career planning and development business since 1978. CSI has developed software, workshops, materials, assessments, and implementation strategies for the Fortune 500. Our writing and research (30 publications) over the years has created a “brand” that defines expertise in both the creation of solutions and their implementation.
Before ASTD stopped giving the Corporation Career Development Awards, our clients won five years in a row. We have trained over 250,000 managers on how to coach development and have delivered career development tools and planning services to 100’s of thousands of employees around the world.
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Our approach to corporate career development is what clearly differentiates CSI from others. Our view of corporate career development is that it must return on the investment. Therefore, all our products focus on the implementation of the organization’s strategy. In our manager training we show managers how to translate the organizations strategy into challenges that are facing the workgroup. They further evaluate the workgroup to determine if the required competencies are present and if not, invite the employees to create development plans to fill the gap.

Further, if we have learned anything over the years it is that the successful implementation of any career development program requires:
1. A systems approach to implementation.
2. The support of top management.
3. The support of line management.
4. Customization of content.

Continuous organizational support and product renewal.

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The unique value proposition CSI offers is found in the mix of product and service. Few companies can offer the combination of training and consulting required for comprehensive development programming.

Consulting: Successful implementation of development systems requires the review of other HR systems (performance management, training, resource planning) to ensure integration. It also requires careful design of rollout, internal marketing, and the creation of monitoring and feedback systems.

We have also found that in the past many corporations require customization of training to increase impact. CSI brings 20 years of experience in providing this level of consulting with dozens of successful references (McDonald’s, Corning, BP/Amoco, Glaxo-Wellcome).

Training: There are two very important considerations with reference to training.
First, many people learn best by using multiple channels for learning. The combination of training and technology can be very powerful.
Second, we have found that successful career development programs require manager support. Training managers in the process of coaching employees not only encourages employee participation, but leads to a more successful result for the organization.
CSI brings to the market a richness of training designs and materials, including train-the-trainer options. See the list to the left for titles and more information on each.

Internet Software: Critical to our approach is to provide Internet software support to all our training components. The development of this software will be based on over 20 years experience in creating instructional software. We are currently redeveloping WorkTeam Advantage, our Internet based Development Planning System for Organizations
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Steve Forrer, Ph.D., is President and CEO, of Conceptual Systems International. He has been actively consulting in the area of organizational career development for over 25 years. Clients have included AMOCO, British Petroleum, Glaxo-Welcome, Corning, IRS, and United Technologies to name a few. Over the years CSI has trained over 500,000 employees and 100,000 managers in the skills required to insure successful implementation of Career Development Programs. Along with his business partner, the late Zandy Leibowitz, Steve consulted in the design and roll out of major programs worldwide. He has written extensively on career development.

Prior to forming CSI Steve was Dean and Vice Chancellor of University of Maryland University College where he acted as chief academic officer for all credit and non-credit programs. Steve is a private pilot, fly fishing enthusiast and lives with his wife, Audrey, in Brinklow, MD. They have three grown daughters. Steve has B.A. from Gettysburg College, M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, College Park and M.B.A. from George Washington University.
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