Development 21 for Managers and Coaches teaches your managers how to coach people through the planning process, the behaviors associated with effective coaching, and the development discussion model in which they play such a critical role. This is a one-day workshop that can be facilitated by CSI or your certified trainers.

    Development 21 for Managers and Coaches
    Guide and Workshop
    Setting the Context: The Case for Development
    • What is Development and Why is it Important?
    • Development Coaching
    • Leading the Strategic Development Process
    Challenge Making the Business Case for Development
    • Assessing the Organization
    • Insight into Critical Competencies
    • Workgroup Development Profile and Priorities
    • Communication Plan to Sustain Development
    Support Reinforce, Coach and Sustain Development
    • Individual Development Profile
    • Development Potential of Jobs
    • Development Discussion Prep Sheet