Career Development for the 21st Century
This article looks at the how Organizational Career Development has evolved over the years starting in the 1970's. It traces the role of the manager in the process and outlines the six assumptions and new realities that will guide practice in the 21st century. The article concludes with a new view of Organizational Career Development…renaming it Strategic Development and presents guidelines for implementation.
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Development Systems That Work: 10 Conditions for Success
This article is based on over 25 years of experience working with organizations to implement career and development programs. This work is based on best practice surveys and presents very specific suggestions and guidelines to insure success. For example the number one condition is to be sure to link development to business strategy.
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WorkTeam Advantage Career Development Software
To see a copy (PDF) of our new WorkTeam Advantage Brochure click the link above.  

Survival Strategy - JDS Uniphase
This article appeared in the 3/16/04 issue of Human Resource Executive. It describes CSI's work with JDS Uniphase. We worked with JDSU to help them use development planning as a way to refocus managers and employees on the future following several difficult years.  

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