Career Planning and Development Tools and Guides

Job Enrichment: A Guide to Growing in Place
Job enrichment is something that all employees should do, no matter what their career plans. This 32-page guide focuses on WHAT you work on, WHEN you work, WHO you work with, WHERE you work, and HOW you work.
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Technical Management: To Be or Not to Be
This 20 page guide helps technical specialists explore the pros and cons of moving to management, and if a move is desirable, how to make it successfully.
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Work Motivator Inventory: Where, When, and How You Work Best
There are aspects of every job that affect satisfaction and commitment, including preferences for when, where, how and with whom employees work. This 20-page guide looks at these factors in terms of current job and future needs.
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CareerPrompt For Individuals: Holding Effective Discussions with your Manager

CareerPrompt For Managers: Guide to Holding Career Discussions with Employees
The 20 page guide for Individual's and 16 page guide for Manager's Guide focus on three different types of discussions: Receiving Feedback; Development Planning; and Progress Reviews. For each type of discussion the critical elements are reviewed: the purpose; what to think about before the discussion; how to set/confirm the agenda; how to start the discussion; how to get/give feedback; and how to conclude the discussion.
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